Friday, March 26, 2010

Petition request: Help prevent a nuclear disaster in India

This is about a new bill to be introduced into the Indian parliament.

==Begin quote:
The bill was made public today, it lets U.S. corporations go scot free in case of an accident at an Indian nuclear reactor. They would get away with paying a small amount, while Indian taxpayers bear the bulk of the cost. The bill is a clear case of socialize the risk, privatize the profit.The bill may be tabled by Tuesday- unless we stop it.

Don't let U.S. corporations off the hook

Can you help reach 50,000 signatures before Tuesday?

The petition says: "India must hold a public consultation before changing the liability rules for any nuclear accidents caused by U.S. corporations."

Over 60,000 of us have signed the petition asking the Prime Minister to stop the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage bill.
===End quote.

To register yourself in this petition, please visit the greenpeace site:

If you don't care, don't follow up on the link; and I apologize for wasting however many minutes it took out of your busy life.

To reiterate: I have no animosity towards anybody, especially the US, but it seems irresponsible to me to allow limitations on liability where disasters can be of an unimaginable scope.

Brings back to mind the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal.

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